Marissa works in conjunction with the fabulous editors at Angelella Editorial. She offers editorial assessments, developmental editing, and author coaching services.

Developmental Editing

The gold-star premium of big-picture edits. Marissa will go inside and out of your manuscript with developmentally focused in-line editorial notes (notes within the manuscript itself) as well as a detailed long-form letter that examines all major elements of crafting a novel: character and plot arcs, structure, scenes, POV, pacing, voice, setting, dialogue, conflict, and stakes. Not only will she cover what's working and what may need reconsideration, she will offer ideas for revision, as well as tools and resources for improving the manuscript. She will guide you in how to make changes and equip you with a plan of attack. The 16+ page letter oftentimes covers things that are different than the 2-per-page in-line comments in order to make the edit as thorough and valuable as possible. This is an everything-but-the-kitchen sink edit. 


Cost: starting at $0.032 per word for long-form prose (which includes payment processing fees). Turnaround time is typically 5-6 weeks, depending upon manuscript length.

Editorial Assessment

The bird’s-eye view of edits. Don't want to commit to a full developmental edit? An editorial assessment might be the fit for you. With an editorial assessment, you'll receive broad-strokes insight on your manuscript with a letter that lets you know what’s working and what’s not in a succinct longform letter. This letter will cover larger topics such as plot, character, setting, voice, pacing, and more.


Cost: starting at $0.023 per word for long-form prose (which includes payment processing fees). Turnaround time is typically 4-5 weeks, depending upon manuscript length.

Author Coaching

Just starting with a new idea, or currently drafting a story? Marissa offers author coaching services that will support you in creating a full plot framework for your book. She will guide you in establishing rich character motivations and increasingly-valuable stakes. She will help you make sure your inner and outer arcs compliment one another and are aligned to yield the best possible version of your story. Coaching is customized to the needs of each client, but generally includes a one-hour Zoom planning session to give the author a solid foundation and the confidence they need to start writing. There are subsequent exchanges of manuscript pages with feedback and email exchanges/Zoom sessions as needed. Marissa offers resources and support every step of the way so authors walk away with a strong first draft of their stories.


Cost: Zoom calls are conducted at the rate of $100/hour, which includes all editor preparation for the call, as well as a follow-up email that recaps the call and offers further resources for the writer. Coaching feedback is given at a rate of $0.023/word (which includes payment processing fees). This rate accounts for in-line comments (no less than two per page) and a brief editorial letter. Please inquire more about services and rates using a method of contact listed below.

For more information on each of these services and more details about author coaching, please visit the Angelella Editorial website. Marissa is also available on Reedsy via the button below. You can also contact her directly using the email icon below or the contact form.